Customizable platform

Create a program with your preferences, terminology, and processes with custom tools and settings.

Easy to use

The clean interface and modern design makes iScout simple to setup, easy to customize, and straightforward to implement.

Quick to implement

Whether starting from scratch, or coming from an existing system, get up and running in days…not months.

Multi device, and multi purpose

Utilize a laptop, PC, or apps on iOS and Android to access and input key information that is controlled according to your preferences

Scalable for any size organization

iScout is a fit for both small teams and large organizations.

You're ready for safety to be awesome.

iScout can make your safety program more effective and less complicated. It’s addition by subtraction, and it’s awesome!

See our features and find out what makes us different.

Take a quick look at the details of each feature

iScout has a lot going on, and provides the tools to…

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