New Feature: Easily Communicate Policy Updates

Now in iScout, when you update policies or procedures in your Resource section, you can easily communicate the update with the Save and Create Acknowledgement option. With one click, the update is saved and an Acknowledgement opens with the revised document attached. Select the employees that need to receive the Acknowledgement, and you’re done.

Highly regulated industries such as construction, energy, and healthcare face continually changing EHS compliance regulations. Historically, communication of these changes can be difficult and employees often wonder if they are performing under the most current versions.

So how can companies ensure compliance throughout their organization? The 2016 Ethics & Compliance Third-Party Policy Management Benchmark Report performed by NAVEX Global concluded the answer may be using EHS software to manage policy and communication. The report surveyed 1,075 respondents globally (75% in the US) across a range of industries.

Policy Management Challenges, Credit: NAVEX Global

Key takeaways:

  • Top safety policy challenges included training employees on policies (40%), EHS policy redundancy and inaccuracy (32%), easy access to current safety policies and procedures (28%), and document management (23%).
  • 57% of respondents use online training to ensure EHS and organizational policy comprehension.
  • Automated software improved policy management performance by 16% overall, particularly improving the efficiency of policy quality, communication, and access.

iScout allows users to easily manage policy change throughout their organization. And now with Save and Create Acknowledgement, it’s easier than ever to communicate change.

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