We’ve been busy building new Training Management features in HazardScout. Here are some of our favorites:

SCORM Lessons

You can build your own lessons which include videos, quizzes, PDFs, and more.

Now you can also include SCORM content.

What is SCORM?  If your company has purchased training material from another vendor, then it is probably available in a “SCORM file”. That means you can upload their materials into the lesson builder with just a few clicks!

Learn more in our SCORM Video Guide.

Training Expiration Date

If your company offers trainings once a year on a set date (e.g. July 18th), then we’ve got a great new feature for you.

Previously, a training expired exactly one year after it was completed. Say Bob did CPR when he was hired on 9/20/2017, then it would expire on 9/20/2018. But wait – Bob needs to do CPR on July 18th, because that’s the only time we’re offering it!

If you set “July 18th” as the expiration date on CPR Training, then everybody’s training will expire on the same date – regardless of when they took it.

Learn more in our Training Expiration Video Guide.

Training Assignments

Your company may have many different ways of assigning training.

Maybe it’s by Job Title, Location, Project, Client, or a little of each.

The new employee filter allows you to assign training based on 12 different employee data points – including custom fields.

Offline Training Attachments

Sometimes employees need to prove that they completed a training – even if they don’t have internet access.  For example, operators might want to see an employee’s SafeLand card.

Now you can check the “Attachments in App” box (when designing a training). This means that any time a file is attached to an employee’s training, then that file be automatically available in their app (under the My Profile page).

Have Questions?

If you have any questions about these new features (or anything else), then please reach out to us via our help page or email us at [email protected].

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