Starting this Monday (April 2nd), follow-ups on HazardScout will have a refreshed interface plus a few new features.

Redesigned Follow-Up Page

With the increased usage of follow-ups, we have redesigned the “follow-up completion” page to (1) display the history in a chat-like format and to (2) show where the follow-up originated by previewing the entire form. Here’s a quick look:

On mobile devices, the page will also have a new look. Press “See Response” to quickly preview the entire form:


Follow-Up Signatures

When a follow-up is completed, you can also require a signature from the employee who is closing it out. You can choose your signature settings when designing your form:

  • Hidden – The signature field is hidden
  • Optional – The employee must either write a response or sign their name (default)
  • Required – A signature is always required when completing a follow-up


Follow-Up Notifications

When a follow-up is completed, a notification can now be sent to the person who assigned the follow-up (along with anyone else in the conversation). The person who is resolving the follow-up should check the “Send Notifications” box and an email will be sent automatically.


Have Questions?

If you have any questions about these new features (or anything else), then please reach out to us via our help page or email us at [email protected].

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