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iScout offers a full EHS management system for utility companies including asset inspections, JSAs, training, and more.

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Power and utilities companies face a unique challenges in the world of EHS safety management due to complex assets & inspections, high turn-over, language barriers, and ever-changing work conditions.

Asset inspections, JSAs, employee training, and BBS safety reporting can take a back seat when staff is thin and demands are high.

iScout EHS Management

iScout is designed to automate the things that can be automated when it comes to your safety management. Each employee receives an open-task list so they know exactly what needs to be done and are just a few clicks away from completing training, filling out forms, doing inspections, and resolving follow-ups. Reporting are automatically sent to the correct people, training shows up on an employee's task list and can be completed on-demand, inspections automatically create tasks for the assigned employee, safety alerts can be sent from an administrator and the system will automatically track who has/hasn't signed off.

“We spent too many years falling in and out of equipment maintenance processes. iScout has given us a sustainable maintenance program that can be confirmed at a glance at your phone or computer.”
Capital Precast
Capital Precast Inc. [1]

QR Codes, Electronic Signatures

You can also create QR codes for your assets and employees which makes it easy to scan and verify whether an employee is up-to-date on training, or an asset is up-to-date on inspections.

Electronic signatures are captured in a variety of ways either through custom forms, completed training, safety alert sign-offs, completed follow-ups, and more.


iScout's online forms, training, task list, and entire web application can be instantly translated to one of 100+ languages. Each team member can choose their language settings on their My Profile Page. The computer-based trainings that you download or create are also instantly translated - including narration and quiz questions.


The iScout mobile EHS app are natively optimized for iPhone, iPad, and Android - enabling offline reporting where forms can be filled out and submitted without an internet connection. Once connectivity resumes the app will upload any reports, photos, etc. Training can also be completed through the iScout app.

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