Using a Custom Form for Equipment Inspections

This guide walks through the process of using a custom-designed form (aka Report) for equipment inspections. It is a continuation from the 
Setting Up Equipment and Inspections guide.

Inspections Without A Custom Form

Say you are using iScout to track truck inspections every 10k miles. By default, the inspection process is just choosing a date, adding notes, and attaching documents (optional):


Creating Your Form

Let’s say that we’d like more detailed for this inspection. For example, let’s have them rate the tires, bumper, frame, etc. To do this, we will create a report within the “Report” module.

Your report can include any questions you like, but there is one requirement. You must have a required “select” field where the source is set to “Equipment”. Here’s how we’ll make it:

  • Click the “Reports” menu button
  • Click “New Report”
  • Enter “Truck Inspection Report” for the name
  • Enter “This is the form used for truck inspections every 10k miles.” for the description
  • Check the “Hidden?” box. We only want this form to be accessible when filling out an inspection for a truck.
  • Now add the required equipment field. As mentioned, this is the only field that you are required to have on an inspection form.
    • Press “New Field” > “Select”
    • Enter “Truck” for the title (it could be anything)
    • Check the “Mandatory” box
    • Click “Settings” and choose the “Equipment” source
    • Press “Done”
  • Now create a few quality rating checklists
    • We’ll call them “Tires”, “Wheels”, and “Frame”
    • Give the options of “Satisfactory” or “Unsatisfactory”
  • We’ll also add an optional “Attachments” field 
  • Press “Save” to create your new form


Attaching Your New Form To The Inspection

Now that you have created the “Truck Inspection Report”, we’ll setup the Trucks in our system to use this for the inspection form.

  • Click the “Equipment” menu button
  • Click “Types”
  • Click “Edit” next to Trucks
  • Click “Edit” for the “10K Miles Inspection”
  • Choose the “Truck Inspection Report” for the Form
  • Press “Done” then “Save”
  • Now when you view one of your trucks, you’ll see an “Inspect” button. Click it and the site will show your form and the “Truck” field will be pre-filled. Once you complete the form, the inspection will be attached to your truck.


Analyzing Inspections

It’s worth noting that when you use a custom form for an inspection, you get all of the standard analysis tools and even alerts for free. For example, you could review truck inspections from a high level by clicking “Reports” > “Responses” (next to Truck Inspection Report):

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