Printing Employee and Equipment QR Codes

iScout automatically assigns a QR code to employee profiles and to equipment profiles. These codes can be scanned within the iScout app to quickly view a profile, complete an inspection, etc.

Printing Employee ID Cards

You can export employee profiles to a PDF that is pre-formatted to the ID card standard. Here’s how:

  • Go to the “Employees” search page
  • Search for the employee(s) that you wish to print
  • Press the arrow next to “Search” and choose “ID Cards”
  • The search results will then be exported to a PDF
  • If the employee has a photo on file, it will be included (otherwise a generic avatar is shown)
  • NOTE: It is not possible to use your own information or QR code 

Printing Equipment QR Stickers

You can export equipment QR codes to a PDF which is easily printable on standard Avery Templates. We recommend black laser ink on white glossy paper where the QR code is at least 1.25″. iScout offers special sticker paper which is of a higher durability than standard avery labels (
contact us for more info).

To export sticker QR codes:

  • Go to the Equipment search page and search for the equipment you’d like to print
  • Press “Print Stickers”
  • Choose which template you plan to use
  • Press “Generate PDF”

iScout in 60 Seconds

Watch this quick overview of the iScout system.

10 Minute Walk-through

Watch this walk-through of the iScout system.