Marking Training Complete

Once you have
setup your training, you will see open tasks for any required training. This training can be completed in multiple ways including:

  • Via the Employee Profile
  • Via a Lesson
  • Via a Group Training
  • Via a Dataload (Spreadsheet)

Via the Employee Profile

Open an employee’s profile and scroll to their “Training” section. You will see a red warning if they have any incomplete training. To mark a training complete, press the “+ Add” button.

The profile only shows an abbreviated view of the employee’s training, so press “Details” to view the entire training history for this employee. Here you can:

  • Press “+ Add” to mark a training as complete
  • Press “Mark Exempt” if an employee should be exempt from a training. (note: alternatively, you should probably edit the Training itself so that this employee was not required in the first place)
  • Click on any completion date to view the details and attachments (A PDF certificate is automatically generated for any completion)

You can also download an employee’s completions as an Excel spreadsheet by pressing the “Download” button.

Via a Lesson

If you associated a “Lesson” with a training, then the employee can press the open task to enter the lesson. Employees can also complete a lesson at any time by by viewing their profile and clicking the “Learn” button next to the training.

Once the lesson is complete, the training will be marked complete, the open task will be removed, and a certificate will be attached to their profile.

Via a Group Training

If a group of employees have completed a training on-site, you can create a record of that group-training. Once it is saved, a completion will be added to each employee’s profile for the specified training.

Via a Dataload (Spreadsheet)

You can also upload a spreadsheet of completed trainings. This can be useful for historic data or if there is a large group training that has been completed. For more information, visit the
Dataloading Completed Training page.

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