How to Inspect Equipment (Video)

The following is a transcript of the video guide:

This video guide is a walk-through of the process of completing an equipment inspection.
If you have a task that shows up in your task list that says an inspection needs to be completed for a piece of equipment, then this is the process for doing that.
I’m going to start out on my home page.
I’ve already logged in, and this is the home dashboard.

I can see my task list up here, and the top task that needs to be done is there’s a fire extinguisher that needs an inspection.
I can see the serial number of that fire extinguisher.
Before I click on that task to actually go ahead and complete that inspection, I’m going to go over to my employee profile and then I’m going to scroll down to the equipment section of my profile.
Depending on your role in the system, you may or may not be able to see this for you and for other employees.

But down here is a list of equipment that I am responsible for, along with their status.
I can see I’m responsible for four fire extinguishers.
One of them is expired.
I could click to view that fire extinguisher, or I could click to view all fire extinguishers right there.

We have another video that goes more in-depth on the process of managing equipment, and you may check that out if you have more questions on that.
Let me go back to my homepage, and then now I’m going to go ahead and click that task to complete that inspection for the fire extinguisher.
When I click on it, it takes me to the page for this fire extinguisher.
I can see the overall status and other information.

The notes and the serial number, and who it’s assigned to, which is me.
Then below that, I can see the different types of inspections and how often they’re supposed to happen.
The annual inspection is up to date.
It’s good to go.

That’ll be good until August 13th of 2016.
But the monthly inspection is what needs to be completed for me to finish this task.
Whenever I’ve completed the inspection, I would go to Add Inspection.
I would choose the date that it was done.

It defaults to today, but you could say, “I did this inspection two days ago.”
If you need to attach any certificates, or a photograph of a tag, or anything like that, you could Add Files here.
Then you could also write Notes describing the inspection or the status, or whatever you needed to write, right there.
I’ll just write, “This is a test,” since we are testing it out.

Then I’ll hit Save.
It says, Success.
Then I’ll see that that changes to Up To Date on that monthly inspection.
Then now both of the inspections are up to date.

Now the fire extinguisher status is up to date, and we’re good to go there.
Now, if I go back to my homepage, I can see that that task has been removed from my Open Task list.
It’s done.
Next time I have a fire extinguisher that needs to be inspected, I will get a acknowledgement that shows up in my task list a week or so before that says, “Hey, this is about to be due.”

Then on the date that it’s actually expired, I’ll get another task.
That’s the task that will actually have me go through the process of making sure I get the inspection complete.
If you have more questions about how the equipment module works, I’d definitely check out the other video guide on equipment.

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