Employee Search (Video)

The following is a transcript of the video guide:

I’m going to walk through the process of searching for employees within the iscout system.
I’m going to start out by going to your Home page.
I’ve signed in.
This is what I see after I sign in, and as an administrator of the website I can actually view this Employees link on the left.

If you can’t see this Employees link on the left, you may need to talk to the site administrator and have them give you access to view this link.
The way they would do that is they would have this control panel that they could go to, and then within Roles & Permissions they would be able to scroll down and they would choose what employees you have access to view, and whether you have access to the Employee Search Page.
By default, managers and administrators have access to view the Employee Search Page but employees don’t.
They could click on that, hit Allow, hit Save, and then that would actually give employees access to view the page that I’m going to show you.

If you have access to view employee profiles then you would see this link on the left over here, you’d also see this search box right here and could actually just quickly click on that and then you could type in an employee’s name and it’s going to auto-complete and then pull up all the matches right there and you could immediately jump into their employee profile from there.
That’s a quick way to get to a profile.
But we’ll go to the Employee Search Page and there’s a few different ways that you can search for employees right here.
You could search by anybody with a specific job title, you could even choose multiple job titles right there, and hit search and now it’s going to show you all the people matching those job titles.

But you can combine other fields as well and you could say, “You know I want everybody “in the Beeville Field Office that is an Area Manager or an Area Supervisor.”
I’ll hit Search right there and then it’s going to show me just those people.
You could also search for people that don’t have a job title assigned, and that may be helpful to make sure your data is correct in the system, or in the same way you could look for people that don’t, aren’t assigned to a Field Office, or a Line of Business or so on.
Over here we have a search for employees that are considered short service employees currently so you could say only show me short service employees.

Oh we have two employees in this demo site that are considered short service employees.
Or you could do the opposite and say only non SSEs right there and it’s going to show you everybody else.
We also have an Over Due Evaluations.
This is going to show all of the employees within the iscout system that if you have on-boarding enabled, they have an evaluation that needs to be done for them that is over due.

That’s a quick way to see whether, or who’s out of date on their on-boarding evaluations.
Then you can search by a person’s supervisor so I can see all the employees where Derrick Brown is their supervisor.
Or same thing with Mentor, HS&E, so I will close that and then, and also you could say, I wanna see all the employees that don’t have a supervisor assigned, and so that would be a quick way to, to make sure that, to find people who need to have a supervisor assigned to them.
We’ll show there, and then by default it’s just going to show your Active employees but could click on Terminated and you could actually only view employee profiles that were terminated or you could view All if you’re just searchin’ for everybody.

But it starts with Active because that’s generally who you’re going to be interested in.
Then you could search also by text, and you could enter you know, their name, their email address, user name, employee number, emergency contact information, it’s all going to be matched right there, so if I type mark in I’m going to see all the Marks right there.
The last thing that you may find useful is you can download this employee information, or the search results that you have right here as a spreadsheet so I just hit Download right there and it’s going to right away download my Excel spreadsheet.
Open it up in Excel and then I can see when it opens the first name, last name, employee number, job title, field office, email address, just a full listing of the information for all these employees right here.

You can also see a Registered On date, so this shows you the date that they first signed into the system to know whether they’ve actually gone on the system yet or not.
I will close that and we’ll go back to this page, and then of course once you do find the employee that you’re lookin’ for, you can click to view their employee profile and then you, whatever information you have access to according to that control panel Roles & Permissions, you will see on their employee profile right here.
That pretty much covers the process of searching and finding employee profiles and looking at them on the iscout system.

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