Open-Tasks List

The open-task list makes sure your team knows what needs to be done. Tasks are automatically generated for things like training, inspections, follow-ups, acknowledgment sign-offs, and more.

EHS Open-Tasks

Each of your team members are given an open-task list available on their iScout home page or as the top button in their iScout App. The number of open tasks is also shown as the numeric badge (top-right of the home screen app icon). This makes it clear what items need their attention including training, inspections, follow-ups and more.

There are quite a few ways that tasks can get assigned in the iScout system, but here are the most common ones.

Training Tasks

A training task is assigned to anyone who is out-of-date or expiring on an assigned training. For example, if you assign "Ladder Safety Training" to all employees in Houston, each Houston employee will receive a training task in their open-task list. If you provide online training (through the iScout Lesson Builder) then these tasks will link directly to the training so team members can get started immediately.
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Open Task List
Access your open task list via the iScout app
Training Push Notification
Push notification for assigned training
App-Based Training Quiz
Complete quizzes in iScout training
Urgent Report Push Notification
Push notification for an urgent report

Follow-Up Tasks

When your team is filling out a form, they may create a follow-up as part of their submission. These follow-ups automatically notify the assignee and create an open-task in their task list which links to quickly view & resolve the follow-up. You can also run status reports to find any incomplete or overdue follow-ups.
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Inspection Tasks

Assign assets to specific team members and they will receive an open-task for any incomplete or out-of-date inspections. The task will link them directly to the inspection form so they can quickly finish the job.
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Complete Follow-Up Tasks
Complete follow-ups or re-assign them to others
App-Based Forms
Fill out forms with the iScout app
Attach Photos to Forms
Attach photos & videos to forms - even without connectivity
Acknowledgment Notification
Push notification for acknowledgment sign-off

Acknowledgment / Sign-Off Tasks

Send a short messages (with attachments) for employees to sign-off. For example, you may share a policy change & attach the SOP as a PDF. These types of alerts notify each assigned team member and create an open-task. Employees can click the task and sign off in seconds.
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iScout in 60 Seconds

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10 Minute Walk-through

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