Lesson Builder (Video)

The following is a transcript of the video guide: This video’s going to walk through the lesson builder module of Hazard Scout. Basically talk through the process of building a lesson, associating it with the training, and allowing employees to be able to actually complete that lesson online and have it mark as a completed […]

Roles & Permissions

NOTE: To edit permissions, you must have the “Configure Roles” permission granted to you. Overview Hazard Scout allows you to manage the roles and permissions of each employee. Unlike many other platforms, Administrator accounts do not have an additional cost. It is completely up to each organization to decide which information an employee can view […]

Building a Report – Basic

Managing Reports Hazard Scout comes with a few pre-packaged reports such as the “Near-Miss Report”. You can change the order of these reports, hide, edit, or even delete them. Creating A New Report Most likely, you’ll want to create your own report (aka Form) in order to collect company-specific data. Here we will walk through […]

Employee Search

NOTE: To search for employees, you must have permission within the Roles & Permissions module. Quick Search To quickly search for an employee, you can type in their name, email, or employee number into the search box at the top of the Hazard Scout website. The quick search does not show terminated employee profiles. Advanced […]

Getting Started (iPhone & Android)

The following resources may be helpful when getting started. PDF Guides Getting Started For Employees (PDF, English) Getting Started For Employees (PDF, Spanish) Help Web Pages How To Install The App How To Log In Troubleshooting Video Guides Getting Started for Employees iPhone, iPad, and Android Apps

iPhone, iPad, and Android Apps (Video)

The following is a transcript of the video guide: This is a demonstration and video guide for the Hazard Scout iPhone, iPad, and Android apps. It’s just a getting started guide of how to get it installed, how to sign in, and then how to use some of the basic features. I’m going to start […]

How Follow-Ups Works

Overview By default, each question within a Hazard Scout report allows the observer to assign a “follow-up”. When a follow-up is assigned, it notifies the person and creates an open task for them. They are then able to close-out a follow-up or re-assign it. Assigning A Follow-Up When filling out a report, you will see […]

Setting Up Equipment and Inspections

You can manage your equipment and inspection records through Hazard Scout. This guide will use “Trucks” as an example, but there are endless possibilities once you understand the tools. Equipment Types Before you start adding each of your “trucks” to Hazard Scout, you need to define a “Truck”. To do this, you will create a […]