2019 Trench Safety Stand Down Set For June 17-21.

The National Utility Contractors Association (NUCA) is calling on employers involved in trench work to participate in the fourth annual Trench Safety Stand Down. The event, scheduled for June 17-21, is aimed at raising awareness of trenching and excavation hazards while promoting the use of trench protective systems. The OSHA standard for trenching and excavation (29 CFR […]

Form & Lesson Updates

  iScout has some handy feature updates to the Forms and Lessons editors. FORMS Mass duplicate similar fields You’re probably familiar with the Duplicate Field option in the the Forms Editor. Say you’re building an equipment inspection that will have fifteen items to inspect, and you plan to create a Select field for each with […]

New Feature: Easily Communicate Policy Updates

Now in iScout, when you update policies or procedures in your Resource section, you can easily communicate the update with the Save and Create Acknowledgement option. With one click, the update is saved and an Acknowledgement opens with the revised document attached. Select the employees that need to receive the Acknowledgement, and you’re done. Highly regulated industries such as construction, energy, and healthcare face continually changing […]